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Around the Grinder – May, 2017

Around the Grinder – May, 2017

Posted on June 1,2017 by Kyle Daily

What has been going on in the shop this past month?

This past month I have been finishing up a couple of knives for special people I know. One is going to be going on an elk hunt with some of his family and another for his father.

For the elk hunt, he wanted a couple of unique knives to take with them to commemorate their trip. He asked me to make a couple of my mini-bushcrafter knives to take on their hunt as well as another for his grandsons’ birthday.  I was thrilled to be asked to make a knife for his grandson. This will be a truly cherished knife for him for the rest of his life. Even though I have did not get more than a few knives from either of my grandpas I remember every knife I received and still look at them from time to time.


The younger generation I feel is moving away from carrying tools on them on a daily basis. I get asked a lot “Why do you carry a knife?” or “Why do you carry a flashlight?” If I spend enough time with the person, they inevitably ask me “Hey, can I borrow your knife for a minute?” That is when I usually respond, “This is an example of why I carry it.” I think it is important to be prepared for different scenarios.

On the other end of the spectrum, I was asked to make a knife for a military veteran by his son. He saw a mini-bushcrafter that I made for a guy a few months ago with teak wood that was from the deck of the USS North Carolina. His father was not assigned to the USS NC but had friends in the service that were.  He contacted me and asked if I had any more of that wood. I happened to have a small amount of the wood left from the pervious knife. I was excited to be able to make a knife that is going to mean so much for his father.


What’s Happening on Knives?

Worked with mosaic pins. Awhile back I ordered some elk head mosaic pins to go into the elk hunt knives. These turned out much nicer than I thought they would! The brass pin I put at the front of the knife, I think brings the whole knife together.


I also started working on leather sheaths for the four mini-bushcrafters and the bushcrafter knife.


I was able to get the remaining blocks of Shokwood™ as well as Kirinite™ for the remaining knife I have to finish.

Knives I am Currently Working On

  • Kitchen Knives
    • 8” Chef’s Knife – 1
    • 7” Santuku – 2
    • Boning Knife – 1
    • Paring Knife – 1
  • Bushcraft Knives
    • Bushcrafter – 1
    • Mini-Bushcrafter – 1
    • Pocket Bushcrafter – 1

What Happened on Knives This Month

Handle Glue Up

I glued the mosaic pins into 4 mini-bushcrafter knifes as well as the Micarta pins in one bushcrafter knife.


Handle Shaping

I was able to get the handles shaped.



I made belt sheaths for all five knives.

I first started out cutting and skiving the leather.


Then the sheaths are dyed. These sheaths are dyed light brown.


Lastly the sheaths are then stitched together.


Goals for Next Month

Just in case you are interested, these are a few goals of what I would like to accomplish next month.

  • Finish Chef’s, paring, and boning knifes
    • Cut Shokwood™ into strips
    • Drill handle material
    • Epoxy handle material onto knives
    • Shape handles
    • Finish sand handles
  • Finish pocket bushcrafter
    • Drill Kirinite™ handle material
    • Epoxy handle material onto knives
    • Shape handles
    • Finish sand handle
    • Make pocket sheath
  • Make list of knives to work on next!


I was hoping to get a little more accomplished out in the shop this month. I am always grateful for the time I get to spend out there though. My family is always extremely supportive with all I am doing.

I am also very grateful to be participating in some very special knives to be given as gifts. Giving a hand made knife, that is a one of a kind knife is so special. I have been given a couple of knives like this, and am so very happy to be able to pass that along.

There are some very exciting things coming up in the next few months that I don’t want to talk about yet. I am excited about where this is going to be taking KHDaily Knives!!!

Always remember, Life is too short to have a dull knife!