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This is a knife that is made for chopping vegetables quickly and efficiently, but it can be used for other foods as well. With the flat blade this knife is best suited for a chopping motion but is not as efficient for rocking the blade.  Nakiris are most known for their flat cutting edge and a squared off point of the knife. The tall blade easily slices through any vegetable and can be used to scoop the vegetables and put them into the pan.

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Around the Grinder – November 2017

What has been going on in the shop this past months? It has been a crazy few months at KHDaily Knives. I feel badly that these blogs were one of the things that just had to get cut out with all that was going on. Hopefully, I can keep up with it going forward. The […]

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Around the Grinder – May, 2017

What has been going on in the shop this past month? This past month I have been finishing up a couple of knives for special people I know. One is going to be going on an elk hunt with some of his family and another for his father. For the elk hunt, he wanted a […]

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Around the Grinder – April, 2017

What is Around the Grinder? Around the grinder is a type of blog post that I talk about what happened during the month.  It will be some knife making stuff, some stuff about life, and other miscellaneous things. There was a lot of cool things that happened this month.  This month started off with not much […]

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