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8″ Chef / 7″ Santoku – Mother of Pearl Shokwood Set

8″ Chef / 7″ Santoku – Mother of Pearl Shokwood Set


This set of a 8″ chef knife and a 7″ santoku is as close to a matching set as you can get with Shokwood™ made by Beyond Wood Products.  These handles were made from one block that was 1.7″ wide block.  This made for a set of handles that utilize the same wood and the same swirl of colors.  The color is white with mother of pearl added in it.  It is hard to photograph how cool the shimmering in the handle is.

The knives are made with 154CM stainless steel that is 3/32″ thick that is heat treated to 59 HRC.  The back spine of the handle also has Blocks filework.

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The chef’s knife is a western style all-purpose knife. Most professional chefs say they can do 90% of kitchen tasks with this style of knife.  It has a pointed tip for cutting joints and finer detail work.  This knife uses more of a rocking motion for cutting and chopping.  This knife has a flat section at the rear of the blade that can be used in a chopping motion and a curved section that comes to a point.  This is one of my favorite go to knives when I need to cut up a variety of different things at one time.

The Santoku is an eastern style all-purpose knife. It has a flatter cutting edge and uses an up and down motion for cutting and chopping.  This knife excels at chopping vegetables and fruit.  The lack of a sharp point usually makes it less intimidating for most people to use.

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Dimensions 14 × 2 × 1 in

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