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Amazon Affiliate Links for Knifemaking General Tools

These are items I use all the time in the shop that can be purchased on amazon.  By going through my link, you will not pay any more for the items, but I get a little commission on what you buy.  That helps me keep finding new products to recommend and help make life easier.

MOFFATT LED 24″ Desk Lamp with Magnet (Amazon)

This is one of my best purchases for the shop.  I have 4 of these in my shop and could honestly use a couple more around different places.  You usually can always use more light around the shop!

Grobet USA Pillar Checkering File 6 Inch Cut 00 20 lines per inch 1/2″ Wide (Amazon)

Grobet USA Hand Checkering File Cut 00 20 lines per inch 6 inch 0.7″ Wide (Amazon)

I use these two files for all my jimping at the top of my knife blades.  I use the wider one to start the pattern and the thinner one to deepen the cuts.  The 1/2″ one is cheaper and both will go as deep, so I use the cheaper one to do most of the work.

POWERTEC Grinding Wheel Dresser (Amazon)

This works so much better than I could have ever imagined on my grinding belts.  Grinding on stainless steel, the tips of the abrasive glaze quickly from my experience.  Using this diamond dresser, you can break the abrasive grains and extend the life of your expensive grinding belts.  These are really inexpensive, so give them a shot!

Sheet Metal Seamer (Amazon)

This pair of pliers really helps to crimp stainless foil packets when heat treating knives.

Double Ended Cotton Swabs (Amazon)

These swabs are so handy to help clean up those areas that require a little more aggressive epoxy removal.

High Volume Air Blow Gun (Amazon)

This blow gun has lots of volume as well as 2 handy hooks to help with hanging around the shop.

Flexzilla Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose (Amazon)

I don’t usually love coiled hoses like this, but this one by my workbench has been one of the best decisions I have made.  It has some length to use at either end of the bench, but doesn’t lay all over the floor to trip on or step on.

ALVIN SC66A Ship Curve Set (Amazon)

These curves are indispensable for making knife patterns.  These are longer than traditional French curves and are perfect for edges specifically.

OLFA 141B Utility Knife (Amazon)

These super fine point utility knives are so helpful around the shop.  When the end gets dull,  you can just break the end off and keep going.  It is so handy to have in my work apron.

PICA 3030/SB Dry Long life Automatic Pencil (Amazon)

This pencil is one of the best things for having around ion the shop!  You can sharpen it with the cap and get holes to transfer the mark.  So very handy!

Mechanix Wear: Material4X FastFit Work Gloves (Amazon)

One of the best work gloves I have found!

Pegitz Pegboard Peg Locks (Amazon)

If you have a pegboard…YOU MUST CHECK THESE OUT!

Fowler 52-008-706-0, Premium Dial Caliper With 0-6″ Measuring Range (Amazon)

You can get digital calipers, but I think dial calipers are better for the knife shop.  You never have to try to find batteries to get them to turn on.

CKE Nut & Bolt Thread Checker (Amazon)

This is such a great reference to have in the shop when you need to find a replacement or you drop and can’t find the other bolt.

KNIPEX Diagonal Pliers for Flush Cut Plastics (Amazon)

These little pliers are great!  I use a lot of zip ties and make models with my boys.  These pliers can get right up to the edge of the zip tie or plastic part to snip and snip flush.  They have a spring in them that is really nice when doing many cuts at one time.