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Damascus 6″ Boning Knife – Arizona Desert Ironwood

Damascus 6″ Boning Knife – Arizona Desert Ironwood


This 6″ boning knife is made of ladder pattern damascus and is really a beautiful knife.  The steel is made of a mixture of 1084, 52100, and 15n20 steels.  Please see note below on care of the damascus steel.

The handle is made of Arizona desert ironwood and has black / green liners that really set off the color of the wood.

This knife has Thorn Filework down the top spine of the handle.  This is a very unique touch that you hardly ever see on knives.

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The boning knife is one of my favorite knives for taking apart small game and getting between the joints of whatever meat I am cooking. This is a knife that says what it is designed to do in its name.  The 6-inch blade is long and thin to get into places other knives have trouble reaching.  It does a great job spatchcocking (butterflying) raw chickens for quick oven roasting, deboning any protein, and trimming meat to go on my charcoal smoker as well.

This knife is made of high carbon damascus from Alabama Damascus.  Caring for high carbon steel knives requires more attention than a stainless steel knife would require.  If you use cast iron pans, you already know most of what you will need to know to take care of this knife.  When you are done using it, wash it with water / soap and then dry immediately with a towel.  If you let water sit on the blade, it will rust.  The knife will develop a patina on the high carbon steel during use.  This patina will be 100% unique to your knife and what you are cutting in the kitchen.  Acidic foods such as lemons will cause this transformation to happen quicker than other foods.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 11 × 2 × 1 in

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