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How To Create Filework To Enhance Your Knives – Book

How To Create Filework To Enhance Your Knives – Book



Looking for a way to take your knife-making skills to the next level? Look no further than “How to Create filework to Enhance your Knives” by Kyle Daily, of KHDaily Knives.

In this comprehensive guide, Kyle shares his expert knowledge on the intricate art of filework.  Filework is the process of adding decorative patterns and designs to the spine or tang of a knife. With step-by-step instructions, diagrams with dimensions for creating the pattern, and detailed photographs, even beginners can learn how to create beautiful and unique filework designs on their own knives.  In the book you will learn how to create the Thorn, Celtic, Blocks, Bats, and Bubbles filework designs.  All will make your knives stand out from the rest.  Customers who have never seen filework for the first time always say ” WOW!  How do you do something like that?”.   This is always a good intro to explaining how your knives are special.

Whether you’re a seasoned knife maker or just starting out, “How to Create filework to Enhance your Knives” is an invaluable resource that will help you elevate your craft and create knives that are truly works of art.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Would You Want To Do Filework?
  • Tools for Filework
  • All About Files
  • The Patterns
  • The Elements Of Filework
  • How To Start
  • Blocks Filework Pattern
  • Thorn Filework Pattern
  • Celtic Filework Pattern
  • Bubbles Filework Pattern
  • Bats Filework Pattern
  • Filling The Pattern With Epoxy
  • About the Author

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