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Sanding Stick

Sanding Stick


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The flat sanding stick is excellent for hand sanding flat ground blades to a uniform appearance.   I think a hand sanded blade finish is one of the nicest finishes for a knife and as an engineer, every time I did one I was thinking “How can I make this easier?”.  This flat hand sanding stick is what I have come up with after hand sanding hundreds of blades.   Each stick is 8″ long, 3/8″ thick, and 1″ wide.  Each stick comes with one 55 and a 70 durometer self adhesive pad.  Extra pads can be found here.

I personally do not use a pad below 220 grit so there is no flex in the paper to keep the blade flat.
The black 70 durometer pad (about as hard as a tire / typical grinding wheel) through 400 grit.
At 600 grit I switch to the white 55 durometer pad (around an eraser hardness) to give me a little more forgiveness at the higher grits.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1.5 × 1 in
Sanding Stick Color

Black Canvas Micarta, Blue G10, Brown Canvas Micarta, Green G10, Orange G10, Red G10