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Sanding Buddy – Silver

Sanding Buddy – Silver


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When I purchased a 36″ radius platen from Bill Behnke to do some S-Grinds on my chef knives, the grind didn’t turn out how I wanted.   When I was working on making a sanding stick to match the radius, a coworker who was big in 3D printing Josh Hoffman said “Why don’t you try printing one”.   Using some of the knowledge I had from making my flat hand sanding sticks, we started on the prototypes.  Once I had a design I liked, we printed some and I put all of my force into it and test it for strength.  Needless to say, it held up very well to the abuse of hand sanding.

I use double sided tape from McMaster Carr (PN: 76405A13) to hold the sandpaper on the stick.  I did an IGTV video where I showed how I use the Sanding Buddy.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1.5 × 1 in
Sanding Buddy Insert Sizes

Custom Size, Diameter 10", Diameter 12", Diameter 14", Diameter 16", Diameter 20", Diameter 4", Diameter 5", Diameter 6", Diameter 8", Radius 24", Radius 26", Radius 36"