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Sanding Buddy Micro – 5 Piece Set

Sanding Buddy Micro – 5 Piece Set



Smaller folder makers asked, and now they are available!  The Sanding Buddy Micro!  These are smaller versions of the sanding buddy that make it easier for folder makers to hand sand the hollows on their knives.  These come as 5 piece set of our 5 most popular sizes.

One set has 1 radius on it and it is the same diameter as the wheel or radius Platten you are using, the other has been compensated for rubber pads.

The other set available is football shaped is 0.095″ smaller on the radius to allow the rubber pad to be the nominal diameter or radius it should be.  Each of the football shaped micros will come with a 55 and 70 durometer rubber piece that has self adhesive tape on it.

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Sanding Buddy Micro - 5 Piece Set

Actual Size, Rubber Compensated (Football)

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