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7″ Santoku – Shredded Burlap Squares

7″ Santoku – Shredded Burlap Squares


Serial Number: 475

  • Blade
    • Length: 7″
    • Thickness at Spine: 0.11″
    • Material:  CPM154
  • Handle
    • Filework Pattern: Thorn
    • Handle Material: Shredded Burlap Squares
    • Liner Material: Black Canvas / Green G10
    • Pin Material: Green G10

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Discover the true essence of versatility in the kitchen with our Santoku All-Purpose Knife. Inspired by Eastern traditions, this knife’s flatter cutting edge and push cut / up-and-down motion make it a master at both cutting and chopping tasks. Elevate your culinary experience as this exceptional tool excels at all kitchen cutting tasks

Key Features:

  • Flatter Cutting Edge: The Santoku is an all-Purpose knife with a flatter cutting edge to ensure a seamless glide through ingredients. This design facilitates precise cuts, making it a joy to work with a variety of foods.
  • Razor-Sharp Blade: Crafted from CPM154 stainless steel, this Santoku knife effortlessly glides through vegetables with exceptional ease. Using either a push cut or chopping motion, this knife turns chopping into a smooth and efficient process. 
  • Vegetable and Fruit Champion: Whether it’s crisp vegetables or juicy fruits, the Santoku knife handles them all quickly and efficiently. From dicing to slicing, it is your ultimate partner for all your produce preparation needs.
  • User-Friendly Design: The absence of a sharp point on the Santoku adds an extra layer of comfort and safety for users.  The handle is designed to be comfortable in a pinch grip as well as gripping it by just the handle. Its friendly design makes it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned chefs alike.

Elevate Your Culinary Adventure:

  • Versatility: Embrace the art of seamless cutting and chopping with a single tool. The Santoku adapts to various tasks, eliminating the need for multiple knives in your kitchen.
  • Intimidation-Free: The user-friendly design of the Santoku knife ensures a stress-free cooking experience, instilling confidence in every user.
  • Precision and Ease: Unleash your inner chef with a knife that effortlessly glides through ingredients, delivering precise cuts with minimal effort.

Revolutionize your cooking experience with a Santoku knife, an essential tool for every kitchen. Embrace the Eastern culinary heritage and witness how this exceptional knife takes your culinary skills to the nex

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 1 in