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Damascus 3″ Pairing Knife – Arizona Desert Ironwood

Damascus 3″ Pairing Knife – Arizona Desert Ironwood


The paring knife is the go-to knife for small detail work. It is best suited for peeling, coring, carving fruits and vegetables, or making small intricate cuts.  I design the handle to be comfortable in your hand in many different positions.

This knife is made of high carbon damascus from Alabama Damascus.  Caring for high carbon steel knives requires more attention than a stainless steel knife would require.  If you use cast iron pans, you already know most of what you will need to know to take care of this knife.  When you are done using it, wash it with water / soap and then dry immediately with a towel.  If you let water sit on the blade, it will rust.  The knife will develop a patina on the high carbon steel during use.  This patina will be 100% unique to your knife and what you are cutting in the kitchen.  Acidic foods such as lemons will cause this transformation to happen quicker than other foods.

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This beautiful 3″ pairing knife is made of ladder pattern damascus made by Alabama Damascus and it is really a special knife.  Please see note below on care of the damascus steel.

The handle is made of Arizona desert ironwood and has black / green G10 liners which really make the wood on the outside pop.  There is also thorn filework on the back spine of the knife which give this knife a unique attribute you will not see on many other knives.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in