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Amazon Affiliate Links for Helpful Books

These are items I use all the time in the shop that can be purchased on amazon.  By going through my link, you will not pay any more for the items, but I get a little commission on what you buy.  That helps me keep finding new products to recommend and help make life easier.

Knife Engineering: Steel, Heat Treating, and Geometry. – Dr. Larrin Thomas (Amazon)

How can you have a list of helpful knifemaking books and this not be number 1?  Dr. Larrin Thomas did an excellent job pulling together a lot of information about knives and putting it all in one place.

The Story of Knife Steel: Innovators Behind Modern Damascus and Super Steels – Dr. Larrin Thomas (Amazon)

Not much of a better way to say it than this!

“This book is truly an incredible feat. No other work I’ve run across is this ambitious or expansive. The drama of the personalities of different knifemakers will draw everyone in. The cumulative history is what makes it unique, and in my opinion, groundbreaking. There’s a good mix of it all, and it follows a clean path through the timeline.”
-Knifemaker Matthew Gregory


Knives 2024, 44th Edition: The World’s Greatest Knife Book (Amazon)

It is always great to see what the trends are in the knife world as well as some awesome knives!  This 44th edition is a special one to me because it has the first knife ever published in it that I made! Look in the middle on page 139.