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Custom, hand-made knives from Carol Stream, Illinois

Life is too short to have a dull knife

How our knives are different

KHDaily Knives was created around the love for knives.

I have always loved learning about and using different knives. Knives are one of the oldest tools and a very good one to have on you for many different everyday tasks. My knives and handles have an emphasis on comfort and style.  My handmade knives use the highest quality materials to produce an exceptional custom knife. These knives are meant to be heirloom pieces that the owner would be able to pass down many generations.

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Around the Grinder – November 2017

What has been going on in the shop this past months? It has been a crazy few months at KHDaily Knives. I feel badly that these blogs were one of the things that just had to get cut out with all that was going on. Hopefully, I can keep up with it going forward. The […]

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Around the Grinder – May, 2017

What has been going on in the shop this past month? This past month I have been finishing up a couple of knives for special people I know. One is going to be going on an elk hunt with some of his family and another for his father. For the elk hunt, he wanted a […]

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Around the Grinder – April, 2017

What is Around the Grinder? Around the grinder is a type of blog post that I talk about what happened during the month.  It will be some knife making stuff, some stuff about life, and other miscellaneous things. There was a lot of cool things that happened this month.  This month started off with not much […]

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